monster hunter wilds

A New Monster Hunter Wilds Trailer And Gameplay Details Have Been Revealed

Looks hot.

This morning saw the arrival of a big new PlayStation State of Play presentation, and with it a heap of new trailers and updates on games for PS5 and PS VR2, including some exciting stuff coming later this year.

One game that’s still a little ways off with a tentative 2025 release date but was still a very exciting inclusion in the showcase was Capcom’s huge new entry in a beloved franchise, Monster Hunter Wilds. A brand-new trailer was shown off with a very decent look at the game, and a much lengthier one than we got with the initial reveal trailer.

The PlayStation Blog has also published a big new post to accompany the trailer, revealing some early gameplay details. A big theme of the reveal, and the game, is the idea of a living and changing world with different ecosystems and weather events to contend with even as you revisit familiar areas, including monsters that change and adapt over time.

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The series’ 14 weapon types will return, although naturally they’ll each pack in new actions with the Great Sword and Heavy Bowgun shown off in the trailer. There are new systems and gear like the Focus Mode and the Hook Slingshot, and of course new and returning monsters like the Doshaguma, Chatacabra, Dalthydon, Ceratonoth and Seikret.

Take a look at the new trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds below: