A New Batch Of PlayStation VR2 Games Just Got Added To PlayStation Plus Deluxe

Some bonus titles for Days of Play!

In case you missed the announcement, PlayStation has been celebrating its annual Days of Play promotion by offering even more new titles to PlayStation Plus members for the month of June, including a collection of five games for the PlayStation VR2 that subscribers of the Deluxe tier can download and play as of right now.

It’s a batch of pretty decent titles that are worth checking out if you’re a PS VR2 owner. In my review of Before Your Eyes, I said, “What GoodbyeWorld Games has done with Before Your Eyes is execute on a novel concept with the perfect amount of restraint and a carefully-paced emotional journey to create something truly special, something that uses the medium of VR and the unique features of its target hardware to hit that much harder. If you’ve got a PS VR2 and a taste for artsy, contemplative indie experiences then you owe it to yourself to play this.”

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Head to any of the links below to claim these games with your PlayStation Plus Deluxe subscription


There’s more extra Days of Play content for PlayStation Plus to come as well, with a drop next week that adds some new PS2 Classics into the mix, including Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Tomb Raider Legend and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.