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LEGO Horizon Adventures Will Apparently Launch On Both PS5 And PC With A Reveal At Summer Game Fest


In a follow-up to an earlier rumour from a leaker known as “Kurakasis” (who also alleges that a Borderlands 4 announcement is impending), reliably insider billbil-kun has now reported that LEGO Horizon Adventures is indeed a real game and it’s going to be revealed this weekend during Summer Game Fest Live.

What’s perhaps more surprising is that the game will supposedly be getting a simultaneous PS5 and PC release, something that’s rare outside of multiplayer-focused PlayStation titles like Helldivers 2 or Concord. Ol’ billbil reckons that pre-orders for the game will open immediately after it’s announced too, suggesting that a release isn’t all that far off.

Being a LEGO game, there will also be a co-op element involved, which will be cross-platform between PS5 and PC, and like other recent titles this one will supposedly require a PlayStation account to play on both platforms. Lastly, the report says that a standard and a “deluxe” version of the game will be available.

We won’t have long to wait to find out how much of this is accurate, given Summer Game Fest is happening this Saturday, so make sure you head over to our guide to all of the dates and times for SGF and other big June showcases right here.

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We can only hope that a LEGO Horizon game means more excellent physical LEGO Horizon sets like the Tallneck.

Though it has its detractors, and fair enough, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Horizon Forbidden West when it released back in 2022, writing in my review, “Horizon Forbidden West is an exceedingly clever sequel, a deep and addictive action RPG, a dense world that unfolds with an impeccable sense of pace, a visual tour de force and the masterful delivery of a promising concept. Somehow, by some sheer creative force a big, blockbuster open world game about post-apocalyptic tribal warriors with AR headsets fighting robot dinosaurs works even better the second time around. If you have access to a PlayStation you owe it to yourself to play this right away.”