spider-man 2 update

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Is Getting An Update Next Week With New Suits And Gameplay Improvements

Miles' Animated Suit is back!

Insomniac has revealed that a new update is coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PS5 next week, which introduced eight new suits for Peter Parker and Miles Morales, including four brand-new designs and four fan-favourites, plus a much-requested gameplay update and some of the usual stability improvements.

The all-new suits come as a collaboration with artists like KidSuper and some special guests including Lando Norris and Rina Sawayama, and the returning ones include the excellent Animated Suit from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales as well as Peter’s Into the Spider-Verse look.

The PlayStation Blog has even more detail on each of these if you want to know more, but here’s what’s included:

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2  Update V.1.003.000

  • Metro Suit (Miles Morales) – Designed by KidSuper
  • Ginga Suit (Miles Morales) – Co-designed by Vini Jr. and KidSuper.
  • Fluro Suit (Peter Parker) – Co-designed by Lando Norris and KidSuper
  • Motorchic Suit (Peter Parker) – Co-designed by Rina Sawayama and KidSuper
  • Last Stand Suit (Peter Parker)
  • Into The Spider-Verse (Peter Parker)
  • Animated Suit (Miles Morales)
  • Uptown Pride Suit (Miles Morales)


  • Added the ability to swap out your parry and traversal abilities from the Symbiote to Spider Arms, and vice versa
  • Stability fixes

I gave Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 a 9/10 in my review last year, saying, “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 cleverly pairs its added width and breadth with more depth and meaningful new gameplay and story opportunities. There’s rarely a moment here that doesn’t feel thrilling, enchanting, heartbreaking, awe-inspiring or some combination of it all. Beyond untangling the finer threads of its design or narrative ambitions though, it’s genuinely just the most fun, gorgeous open world superhero game out there.”