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Astro Bot Will Be Getting Free DLC After Launch

Yes! Give us more!

Team Asobi has already confirmed that Astro Bot, its upcoming full-fledged 3D platformer starring PlayStation’s de facto mascot, will be getting free DLC not long after it launches on September 6th this year.

Talking to IGN following a recent round of media previews at Summer Game Fest, the studio’s head, Nicolas Doucet, revealed that there are plans to add the free DLC to Astro Bot “soon” after launch. Doucet said this DLC would add more challenge levels to the game among other things.

A couple of the base game’s challenge levels were a part of the SGF demos, and they’re focused on rescuing specific bots dressed as iconic PlayStation characters, meaning this DLC has a good chance of adding even more cameos over and above the promised 150 at launch. It’ll be interesting to see just how expansive the game becomes over time, if the studio is able to commit to adding more and more free DLC.

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Shannon wrote in his hands-on preview of the game, “Probably the most interesting part of the demo was how it ends, and I suspect will have a bigger part in how the game ends up, with Kratos and Atreus giving the boss the final blow, and then appearing on the level map as their own icon, implying that you’re able to visit them. The thing I loved about Astro’s Playroom was that sense of mystery and not knowing what was coming next, and that’s exactly how I felt during my hands-on session and walking away from it.”

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