Samsung’s 2020 TV Line Includes A Bezel-Less 8K TV, Smarter 4K TVs And A Vertical TV

Samsung has announced a huge amount of new and innovative products in its TV line at CES 2020.

Their new Q950TS 8K TV line includes a bezel-less infinity screen as well as cheaper model that will be priced in line with their premium 4K models.

Their line of 2020 4K QLED TVs includes the 860T, Q70T, Q80T and Q90T ranges include better viewing angles and more processing power.

The brand new Sero TV will have a 43″ display that automatically rotates based on what’s playing on your phone. For instance, you can AirPlay something from your iPhone, and if it’s playing in portrait mode, the TV will automatically flip to perfectly reflect the resolution.

Samsung’s ever popular Frame TV series (which blends your TV seamlessly into your wall to make it look like a frame) is being upgraded to include 32″ and 75″ sizes and it’s also been upgraded to include a Dual LED system which will allow better viewing angles and improved contrast.

Pricing and more information will be revealed for all of these products in the coming months.