samsung odyssey ark

Samsung Is Launching A Monster 55″ Curved 4K Gaming Monitor That Can Be Used In Portrait

Calling it the Ark feels appropriate

Good news for everyone with too much space on their desk and too much money in their back account – Samsung has dropped its most extravagant gaming monitor yet (and it’s going to be pricey).

Dubbed the Odyssey Ark, it’s less monitor and more full-blown gaming TV at a whopping 55″ in size. It’s more than its dimensions though, sporting a 165Hz Quantum Mini-LED 4K panel with a 1000R curve, AMD Freesync Premium Pro support and Dolby Atmos sound from a 60W 2.2.2 channel speaker solution. Fully featured is an understatement then, but that’s not all. This beast of a display can be rotated to portrait view in what Samsung calls “Cockpit Mode”.

There’s a flexible and user-friendly approach to the Odyssey Ark’s design as well with the Ark Dial, a purpose-built controller that allows users to quickly control a variety of settings including being able to view multiple screens at once, change aspect ratios and access Samsung’s Game Bar menu. The whole thing also runs through a One Connect box as well, helping to reduce clutter and giving the display a smorgasbord of ports (including HDMI 2.1).

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is available for pre-order now in select territories, with Australian release and pricing details still to come. In the US, it costs an eye-watering $3500 USD (roughly $5K AUD) so it’s a serious investment. You can register your interest with Samsung Australia right here.