elgato stream deck plus

The New Elgato Stream Deck Plus Has Arrived And It’s Got Knobs

Pretty nice deck you've got there.

Elgato has unveiled its newest addition to the beloved Stream Deck family with the Elgato Stream Deck+.

This new device builds on what the Stream Deck already does well – namely offering streamers, content creators and power users the ability to map a massive range of customisable functions to tactile, physical keys that each have their own individual LED displays. This new iteration offers eight of these keys that Stream Deck fans will be familiar with, but also adds some powerful new features.

elgato stream deck plus

First and most obvious is the row of dials along the bottom of the Stream Deck+ that allow incremental adjustments to a wide range of functions from volume to camera zoom to, well, just about anything that you can adjust in most apps!

Sitting along the top of these new knobs is also a handy touchscreen that’ll display the dial settings but also allow users to change pages, see important information and more with a simple swipe.

You might have seen functions like these in the excellent Razer Stream Controller/Loupedeck Live, so Elgato diehards are sure to appreciate getting some of the same benefits in a Stream Deck product.

The Elgato Stream Deck looks to be hitting Australian stores this month and carries an RRP of $339.95,

Amazon currrently has the Elgato Stream Deck+ available for pre-order for $333.21 with free shipping.