The Meta Quest 3 Has Been Officially Revealed With A Sleek New Look And Colour Passthrough

A massive update!

It’s been the subject of a number of rumours and early leaks, but now it’s official – the Meta Quest 3 is coming in Spring this year.

Meta has lifted the lid on the headset just hours ahead of the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, where it’ll presumably be showing off a future line-up of software supporting both the existing Quest headsets and the new hardware.

The Meta Quest 3 will feature a first-of-its-kind Snapdragon processor developed in conjunction with Qualcomm that will reportedly boast double the performance of the Snapdragon chip in the Quest 2, powering a higher-resolution display with pancake optics.

Another major improvement over the Quest 2 will be full-colour video passthrough and machine learning to enable more richer real-world experiences, with Meta giving the examples of playing Demeo on a kitchen table or using Painting VR to virtually decorate a room.

On the design side, it’s a much more sleek headset with 40% slimmer optics, and the Quest 3’s Touch Plus controllers are doing away with the outer tracking rings as well as adding the TruTouch haptic technology from the Touch Pro controllers.

The Meta Quest 3 is set to start at $829.99 for the 128GB model when it launches, with the Quest 2 getting a price drop starting June 4, as well as a future update to the Quest 2 and Pro bringing an up-to 26% CPU performance increase and an up-to 19% GPU speed increase for Quest 2 and 11% for Quest Pro.

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You can sign up to learn more about the Meta Quest 3 as it comes here.

Redesigned from the inside out, Meta Quest 3 is the wireless headset that can do it all. Enjoy more than twice the GPU processing power compared to Quest 2 thanks to the next-gen Snapdragon chip.

Graphics will be smoother and faster on our highest resolution displays. Dazzling visuals and rich audio mean VR will be more immersive than ever. And with the introduction of Meta Reality, you’ll have the power to blend virtual elements into your physical space, letting you explore like never before.

A 40% slimmer optic profile lets you play in ultimate comfort. Navigate more naturally with new, lightweight Touch Plus controllers that fit seamlessly in your hands, and TruTouch haptics that unlock experiences you can feel. Dive into any of the incredible 500+ titles and immerse yourself in the adventures that await.