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MEG Vision X AI Is MSI’s New Gaming PC With An AI Touchscreen

Your friendly Human Machine Interface.


MSI stands as a world leader in AI PC, gaming, productivity and content creation – constantly breaking the barriers of performance and engineering to craft the future of technology. Find out more about MSI at Computex 2024 here:

With Computex 2024 in full swing, MSI has debuted a number of exciting new technologies, especially for those of us inclined towards the world of gaming PCs.

MSI Gaming PCs at Computex 2024

One of the most interesting and unique bits of kit that the manufacturer brought along to the show is the MEG Vision X AI, a new flagship gaming PC that includes what’s being referred to as the world’s first AI-powered “Human Machine Interface.”

It is, essentially, a coupling of MSI’s “MEG” range of powerful gaming PC hardware with the “AI HMI,” which gives quick and beautiful access to important information like temperatures, clock speeds and other system info and links with the MSI AI Engine to automatically optimise things like performance, lighting effects, audio and colour settings and more.

The other side of the equation is the onboard AI hardware that can do all of the usual AI-powered tasks you’d expect along with being able to access the files stored on your PC (entirely locally to ensure privacy and security) to provide even more in-depth responses and analysis that take into account your existing data.

While the actual internal hardware is still an unknown, MSI says that the MEG VISION X AI gaming desktop also features the company’s back-connect design by moving all connectors to the back for the best aesthetics, reduce cable mess, enhanced airflow and better overall thermal efficiency.

Flagship AI Gaming Desktop & Monitor

If you’re interested in something more traditional and less AI-focused, the MAG series of gaming desktops is also getting a refresh with the MAG Infinite E1, which sports a brand-new design and updated internals to offer up to an Intel Core i7 14700F, a GeForce RTX 4070 Graphics card, and the latest DDR5 memory.

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MSI Productivity PCs at Computex 2024

Moving away from gaming, MSI also introduced some new productivity-focused desktop PCs at Computex 2024, including the new Modern AM273Q AI Series of All-in-One desktops. Taking out the 2024 Best Choice Award at Computex, these are all about energy efficiency and low environmental impact without making compromises on form or function.

Made from PCR-recycled plastics, manufactured using 92% renewable energy and shipped in sustainable packaging materials, the commitment continues even further with the MSI Power Meter application that can help you see and manage your power consumption and various energy-saving modes, helping to make the most of the built-in 27” WQHD display and (up to) Intel Core Ultra 7 155U CPU with DDR5 memory to get class-leading performance when you need it and genuine power savings when you don’t.

Modern AM273Q AI Series

Another Computex 2024 award winner – this time the Sustainable Tech Special Award – the Cubi NUC Series goes all-in on a miniscule form factor while still packing in a heap of performance for those power users for who desk space is at a premium. Probably the coolest feature on these is MSI Power Link, which can make your workspace even cleaner and more clutter-free by letting you mount the Cubi NUC desktop onto certain MSI monitors and have the PC automatically boot up when the display is turned on – essentially turning it into an AIO!

Like the new Modern AIOs, MSI mainly uses renewable energy in manufacturing the Cubi NUC Series machines and again uses PCR-recycled plastics and sustainable packaging materials, and also features the MSI Power Meter software.

You can read more about these new motherboard innovations from MSI along with all of its other Computex 2024 announcements and new products right here.