Xbox Announce Community Initiatives

Mike Ybarra announced a whole score of new Xbox community initiatives during the Microsoft press conference this morning, in an attempt to show that Microsoft are, in fact, listening to what their gamers want.

They announced they’re meeting a whole number of needs, these include:

  • Background music – allowing gamers to listen to music of their choosing in the background of gaming.
  • Cortana – the power of Cortana, Microsoft’s very own Siri, coming to Xbox One.
  • Clubs – allows gamers to create clubs with fellow gamers from all over the world, for any game they’re into.
  • Looking for Group – this will be a Godsend for those who struggle to find friends who play the same games as them, allowing people to seek out like-minded gamers, hoping to achieve the same things.
  • Arena – this will allow gamers to organise their own tournament brackets, which’ll be a boost to Xbox’s competitive gaming culture.