Three Of The Most Iconic Aussie Cars Are Coming To Forza Horizon 3

Microsoft have revealed the latest batch of cars that will be drivable in Forza Horizon 3, and it features some pretty iconic Aussie cars. The trio of Holden models being included are a part of distinctive Australian car culture, and will definitely provide another level of authenticity when causing around the Australian landscapes this September.

Going all the way back to the 1950’s Ute, legendary 1974 Sandman, and they’ve also included the more recent 2016 Holden GTS Maloo.

1951 Holden 50-2106 FX Ute

The roots of the Holden Ute go back to the to a post-World War II era, when the world couldn’t get enough Australian wheat and wool. When “Australia’s Own Car” – the 48-125 Holden four-door sedan –launched, it only had one model and Aussies had to wait more than two years for a load-hauling version. Once the Ute arrived, it was dubbed the “FX” – though exactly why it earned that moniker is the subject of debate. What was clear is that these durable and hearty vehicles were perfect for the work that needed to be done, whether it was on the farms or construction sites of Australia. With just 60 hp in its stock form, the FX is a far cry from the powerhouse utes of today. But the heart and soul is all there.f1532bfe-4b53-45b6-9c0d-3ae597fb7fea

1974 Holden Sandman HQ Panel Van

Few vehicles are as distinctly Aussie as the Sandman HQ panel van. Originally, these sedan deliveries were derivatives of the typical ute with a metal or plastic shell enclosing the cargo tray. They developed into a phenomenon that escalated to its height in the 1970s before falling off in popularity. The most famous Sandman was driven by Mel Gibson in the original 1979 “Mad Max” film. Like many, Max’s panel van was converted for camping. During the climax of their popularity, Sandman panel vans were tricked out with mural paint jobs, custom windows and details that spoke to each owner’s passions. Sure, some were used for more utilitarian uses but in some cases, what went on in the backs of many of the funky Sandman HQs around the country was often more exciting than merely hauling around the tools of the trades that helped build urban Australia.

2016 Holden Special Vehicles GTS Maloo

As you bang through the gears and are rocked back in your seat at the release of the clutch, you’ll quickly understand why the GTS Maloo is referred to as the “Ferrari of utes.” It’s one way for Holden to say thank you in big way before the Australian manufacturer closes its doors in 2017. While utilitarian in purpose, this ute is all about going very fast. Take the supercharged V8 under the hood or the upgraded brakes and suspension. This Maloo is ready for track duty straight away, mate!d13a3587-1f92-4556-8741-d4cf66850746


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