Playground Games Set To Expand To 400 Employees

With Forza Horizon 4 releasing this Friday amongst critical acclaim, including from us here at Press Start, developers Playground Games are looking to expand their studio with an additional 100 employees. The job posting, spotted by @PostUp_BBB on Twitter, includes Lead Artists, Producers, Designers, Engineers and Animators, amongst others, which had some speculating they were equipping the studio with an extra team to work on additional projects.

In the absence of any official confirmation, it is unclear what the expansion may be for; there is, of course, the possibility the expansion will just be to support existing staff. The expansion would make Playground Microsoft Studios’ second-largest studio behind 343 industries, which houses some 500 employees.

In a month marred by multiple studio closures, to see new game-dev jobs being created in encouraging to see.