Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Will Include Every Airport In The World

It has been more than ten years since the last instalment in Microsoft’s beloved Flight Simulator franchise and as we know the series is getting a huge reboot landing on PC and Xbox One sometime this year. The latest news about Flight Simulator 2020 reveals that the title will feature every airport in the world, from tiny outback airstrips to major international airports like the biggest in the world; Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International. You can watch the full reveal from the Flight Simulator team below:

According to the Lead Game Designer from Asobo Studio, Sven Mestas, 37,000 of the game’s airports were manually designed to reflect their real-life counterparts using a brand new development tool and resources like Bing Maps, airport databases, and aerial photos. As well as architectural accuracy, Asobo aims to recreate the bustling dynamic of real airports with the inclusion of moving vehicles, car parks filling up and emptying out and airport employees shifting from place to place. Obviously, this won’t be the highlight of the ambitious project which boasts native 4K graphics, photorealistic 3D models of trees and terrain and authentic weather physics but it certainly will add to the realistic nature of the game, which Asobo has assured fans they are wholly dedicated to producing.

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