CrossfireX’s Campaign Is Being Made By Remedy And It Looks Great

Throughout June, gamers got their first-look at CrossfireX during its open beta and this morning we got our first look at the game’s single-player campaign. Developed in tandem by Remedy Entertainment, known for their own works in Control, Alan Wake and Quantum Break, and Smilegate Entertainment.

It looks like another case of Remedy doing what they do best as the trailer indicates that CrossfireX will look to do a lot of interesting sci-fi things with its story, plus the destruction physics look truly insane.

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The high-octane trailer that debuted during the Showcase event gives us a glimpse at the key players in Operation Spectre, told from the perspective of Black List, one of the two warring mercenary factions. There’s said to be a lot of narrative cross-pollination between the single-player campaign and the game’s multiplayer.

Unlike everything else shown at the Xbox Games Showcase, CrossfireX’s single-player helping won’t be coming to Xbox Pass.