Tell Me Why’s First Chapter Is Coming Very Soon

There were a lot of lovely, narrative-driven games to be found at the Xbox Games Showcase, one of the most notable was the upcoming series from Dontnod called Tell Me Why.

As previously announced, Tell Me Why is the story of two twins who reunite after their mother’s death and deals with big themes such as the culture around mental health and gender identity. The team even worked closely with advocates in these fields to ensure that the game truly speaks for and represents those people.

The story trailer certainly brings the feels and it looks exactly like what you’d expect from the developer known for Life is Strange.

It’s been announced that there’ll be three episodes, with the first releasing on August 27. The second and third will then release over the following two weeks, which is a positive change after the drawn-out release schedule for Life is Strange’s second series.

Tell Me Why will be releasing on Xbox One, and on PC for Windows 10 and Steam, with it also coming to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.