White Xbox Series X

A White Xbox Series X Controller Has Appeared Online

After a photo of a white Xbox Series X controller appeared online, speculation began to run rampant about its origins, especially considering only a black iteration of the console has been announced to date.

The photo appeared on Reddit, snapped by a user who claimed to be at a Washington party said to be hosted by the child of a Microsoft employee. The mysterious post soon disappeared from the platform, along with the user’s entire account.


Whether this is evidence of the long-rumoured all-digital Lockhart model or even a separate, yet to be announced white Series X remains to be seen. It’s also entirely possible that the white console is a one-off for the launch team, which wouldn’t be unusual.

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Above is an example of what Xbox gifted their launch team, a white Xbox One model with the phrase ‘I Made This’ engraved on it. It’s a bit of goodwill and it’s entirely possible this controller is an example of the same, of course, the console hasn’t actually launched so it gives credence to the original theory of a Lockhart model.

Even with the Xbox Games Showcase in the rearview, there’s still so much we don’t know about the Xbox Series X, including its release date and price, although we hope they’re not too far around the corner.