The First Starfield Screenshots Look To Have Leaked

Imagery for Bethesda Game Studio’s upcoming RPG Starfield look to have leaked online overnight. Three pieces of art were posted on Reddit, one looking like a piece of concept art, the other a high quality screenshot of the UI and the other being a full-blown screenshot that appears to match up with both other images.

At first inspection, these could be for any game, but upon looking at the typography used and also the art style, they do look to be from Starfield as they closely match the reveal trailer from E3 last year. There’s not a lot to learn from the screenshots, but it does confirm that the game will have a third-person camera. The fact that there’s an O2 bar also confirms that we might be able to explore outside of ships.

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Starfield Starfield


Obviously, these are tough to verify, and Bethesda probably isn’t going to come out and say that they’re real. YouTuber SkullziTV has confirmed that these screenshots are in-fact Starfield, but from an earlier build of the game from 2018.

It’s unclear when we’ll hear more about Starfield, but with it being in development for several years now, hopefully 2021 will be the year that we finally learn more about the project. With Xbox taking over Bethesda, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

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