Xbox Series X Target

Target Is Now Telling Customers That Xbox Series X Pre-Orders Might Not Arrive Until Late November/Early December

After the news earlier this week that Target was cancelling Xbox Series X pre-orders, it now looks like those that didn’t have their orders cancelled will now not receive their console at launch regardless.

Target is now telling customers that have had their orders confirmed that Target’s shipment of Xbox Series X units will not be received at Target until mid November which will delay delivery until Late November to Early December.

The email reads:


We have recently been informed that our shipment of Xbox Series X for your pre-order will not be received at Target until mid November which may delay your delivery until late November to early December, subject to our carrier transit times.

Your order is still confirmed, however in light of the additional delays, if you would like to cancel your order, we would understand and ask you to contact Target customer support.

At this stage, it doesn’t appear to be impacted by stock arriving into the country. Microsoft provided us with the below statement: Currently no Xbox Series X pre-order shipments in Australia are experiencing delays. Like previous pre-order programs, retailers and availability differ, so please check with your local retailers for more information on availability and timings.

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