Microsoft Is Apparently In Talks To Acquire Discord For More Than 10 Billion Dollars

Over the last few years, Microsoft has been hitting home run after home run with mergers and acquisition.

They’ve formed exclusive partnerships with heavy-hitting studios like Bethesda, Ninja Theory and Rare but now, it seems, Microsoft is batting in a new direction. According to a report by Bloomberg, Microsoft’s latest acquisition may just be the massively popular voice-chat and instant messaging service, Discord.

We’ve learned that rumours of a possible deal between the two companies started early this week and it could come to a conclusion relatively soon. Apparently, Discord reached out to a number of potential buyers and one of the companies at the top of that list is Microsoft with a bid for over USD $10 billion.

If the offer is accepted and the deal goes through, it’s likely that this will be an exclusive acquisition by the tech giant. We can’t know for sure what that means for the future of Discord at this stage but it’s certainly an interesting and logical partnership in our view.

This news follows comes not long after the announcement that Xbox Live will be rebranding as Xbox Network and we can’t help but wonder if the two events are connected in some way. “The update from ‘Xbox Live’ to ‘Xbox network’ is intended to distinguish the underlying service from Xbox Live Gold memberships,” said a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge and it’s easy to speculate that that Discord for Xbox might be included in the free services provided by Xbox network, if the deal works out.