It Looks Like Xbox Series X Mini Fridges Are About To Become A Reality

In what might be the strangest sentence I’ll write this week: Xbox has bested Skittles in a social media competition and will therefore be moving forward with the production of mini-fridges modelled after the Xbox Series X.

It’s natural to be suspicious in this week of all weeks, but this isn’t an April Fool’s gag.

We got a glimpse at Snoop Dogg’s actual Series X fridge in the lead-up to the console’s launch, so it’s safe to assume the fridges that enter production could be smaller representations of these. We’ve also seen these smaller, cuter versions out in the wild, so it’s also likely that these will be more indicative of the final product.

Of course, being that this revelation is still new, there’s no pricing, or date, or anything else to speak of, except for Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg’s confirmation that they’ll make good on their word and get the ball rolling on these mini-fridges.

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After over 340,000 votes, there was still only one point separating the two brands which were both vying for the crown in Twitter Marketing’s #BestOfTweets bracket. Both brands are known for being on-point in terms of their social marketing and the two were quick to make up after the battle with Xbox going so far as promising the first fridge off the line to the team at Skittles.