Xbox Is Apparently Trying To Seal The Deal For Hideo Kojima’s Next Game

According to Jeff Grubb at GamesBeat, Xbox is in talks with Hideo Kojima in regards to publishing the next title from Kojima Productions.

Although not finalised, the deal would be a part of Microsoft’s plan to leverage Japanese talent and wrestle back some market share in that region. Grubb shared the news, which comes from a source familiar to the matter, as part of a piece detailing that, despite rampant speculation, the newly-announced Abandoned isn’t a secret Kojima project.

It isn’t clear what form Kojima’s successor to Death Stranding will take, although hints towards a deal have been hidden in plain sight. Just as the Series S was there for the world to see, Phil Spencer recently had a Ludens action figure perched on his shelf behind him, a sly but deliberate nod to potential talks between Xbox and Kojima.

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If Xbox were able to land an exclusivity deal with Kojima Productions for their sophomore title, it would be a huge boon for the platform’s often-mocked software stocks. We’re sure if a deal is done, we’d likely hear about the partnership at one of the year’s big press events.