Abandoned Is A Creepy Survival Horror Game Coming Exclusively To PS5

Through the PlayStation blog this morning, Abandoned was revealed for the PlayStation 5. Developed by Blue Box Game Studios of The Netherlands, Abandoned is a first-person survival horror shooter set in a high-fidelity, photorealistic world and boasts a realistic approach to survival.

The teaser doesn’t do a lot to highlight how the game will play, although it does a great job of setting the creepy tone.

The synopsis, detailed in the blog, paints a fairly basic premise as the player-character Jason Longfield wakes up in a strange forest. Confused and unsure of how he came to be there, he soon discovers he was abducted and brought there for nefarious purposes, making the key goal of Abandoned escaping and surviving.

The aforementioned realistic approach to survival extends to Jason’s endurance in the wilds. His firearm accuracy suffers greatly when he’s out of breath, and it sounds as though accuracy will be key in Abandoned as firing and reloading weapons is “realistically slow”. Abandoned sounds like a departure from traditional shooters, forcing the player to plan every move carefully, creating a real sense of unease in this forest.

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Abandoned will also make use of DualSense and 3D audio to deepen the immersion, while the console’s power, which the team admits they’re “still unraveling,” allows them to render the world in native 4K at 60 frames per second.

Abandoned is expected to launch Q4 2021, exclusively for PlayStation 5.


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