Xbox Series X Covers

Xbox Series X Game Cases Are Changing And It’s A Big Improvement

At the start of this new generation, PlayStation opted to go for a completely new look box art with the blue PS4 strip changing to a white PS5 logo, but Xbox opted to keep things fairly similar opting just to add an Xbox Series X logo to the same smaller art.

That’s all changing, and I’d predict that it’s either due to stock of the old style box or Xbox wanting to have a greater differentiator for their new generation gaming.

As seen on the Best Buy website, the new box art takes up more real estate on the cover, there’s the smaller Xbox logo and the platforms are more clearly listed. It’s a big improvement and allows more real estate for not only art, but the important information that gamers need to know.

It’s unclear how quickly this will roll out, but with a good amount of Xbox Series X games on the way, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of these.

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