Seagate’s Xbox Series X/S Expansion Cards Are Getting 512GB And 2TB Options

Microsoft has announced the addition of two new capacities to its line-up of Seagate Xbox Series X/S Expansion Cards, with the current 1TB offering being joined by 512GB and 2TB options.

The Seagate 512GB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S is available for pre-order right now in the United States for USD $139.99 and will launch mid-November. Meanwhile, the Seagate 2TB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S will be available for pre-order in November for USD $399.99 and will launch early December.

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No local pricing or availability has been announced yet, but based on exchange rates and the current price of the 1TB version, we can probably expect the 512GB to cost around AUD $249 at the top end and the 2TB to potentially cost up to a whopping AUD $599 (that’s more than an Xbox Series S console!).

We’ll update this story as soon as Australian pricing is available.

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