It’s Already Possible To Play Halo Infinite’s Campaign In Split-Screen But You Probably Shouldn’t

Although Halo Infinite’s campaign (which we loved) launched as a strictly solo affair, with the series’ ubiquitous campaign co-op sadly MIA until at least May of 2022, it turns out there actually is a way to get a second player into the game if you’re playing on Xbox. It’s just incredibly risky.

As posted to reddit and later confirmed by Twitter user “nobleactual”, there’s an exploit currently possible in the game that tricks it into allowing split-screen in the campaign with a few (relatively) simple steps.

As of right now it seems that most of the mechanics for playing with a friend are already embedded in the game’s code, with the second player getting their own skill tree and map and things like fast travel working as expected. The huge downside to all this is that doing so is apparently bricking player’s saves, so as neat a trick as it is it’s probably not worth risking your save file – or possibly more – just to mess around with it.

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It’s for this reason that nobleactual has since deleted their original tweet with instructions on replicating the exploit but if, for some reason, you feel the need to try it for yourself you can follow the below:

  • Infinite must be offline
  • Connect second controller
  • Sign into an Xbox account
  • Start campaign with controller 1
  • In game, hit start and then back
  • On second controller, hit start to add the second player to the fireteam
  • Halo infinite co-op enabled!

Once again – this trick is known to brick/corrupt player’s save data so attempt it at your own risk. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!