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Xbox Game Pass Is Getting New Features Including Pre-Release Demos And Games You Own Playable In The Cloud

Game demos and more Cloud games

Xbox has announced that it is bringing some new features to Xbox Game Pass. The first is a new initiative called Project Moorcroft. This will help developers bring curated demos of upcoming games to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

This is set to start in the next year and will focus heavily around indie developers who will be able to build excitement for their games whilst getting feedback and obviously providing gamers with the change to test out their games. Xbox has also confirmed that it will compensate developers who participate in the program.

In addition to this, Xbox has also confirmed that this year, it will roll out the ability for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to be able to play select games that they own (outside of Xbox Game Pass library) in the Cloud.

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Whilst this is still light on details, I believe that Xbox means that games that aren’t on Xbox Game Pass (for instance Call of Duty as an example) might be possible to play in the Cloud despite the fact that it isn’t on Xbox Game Pass.