The Next Xbox Will Be A “Reference” For Devices From Other Manufacturers According To A Reliable Leaker


Frequent Xbox/Microsoft leaker Jez Corden (a “Tier 2 – Generally Reliable Source” according to Reddit’s tracking of prominent leakers) has made some fairly bold claims over the weekend, taking to social media to say that the future of Xbox console hardware could, in fact, come from more places than just Microsoft.

Corden says that the next iteration of official Xbox hardware, which Microsoft has gone on record as calling the “biggest technological leap ever in a generation,” will lean more into the Windows ecosystem than ever and that it will serve as a “reference” device for third party manufacturers to make their own devices. As pointed out by wccftech, this ties nicely into earlier rumours that development of the next Xbox device was being led by the Microsoft Surface team, which has experience in pioneering new Windows tech in first-party “reference” devices.

That also potentially links back to those much earlier Xbox leaks from the company’s FTC case, which alluded to the company exploring ARM processors for a new console – something that the newly-announced Surface range has and could drastically change the approach to hardware form factor including handhelds.

The comments from Corden come in response to a larger thread concerning earlier leaks of Xbox’s plans, some of which have also turned out to be correct over the course of recent weeks and months. His reply to the question of whether one of the supposed bits of leaked info, which claims that Xbox was in talks with other manufacturers to design and sell their own “Xbox” consoles, reads:

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“The next Xbox has a heavy Windows slant and will be a reference device for manufacturers making devices like the ASUS ROG Ally most likely. Like Surface Pro 11 is a reference device for AI PCs.”

Of course, without knowing more and with no comment from Microsoft it’s hard to say whether Corden’s comments are accurate and if they are, what they might mean in real terms, but while the idea of third-party versions of an Xbox home console might seem like a stretch, the real benefit would be the opening of doors for manufacturers like ASUS ROG or MSI to make their own “Xbox” handhelds that might even natively play your Xbox library.