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Jason Schreier Has Claimed A Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Is Happening


Mere days after an Epic Games Store database added a fresh set of leaked evidence of a Final Fantasy IX remaster, rumours have flared up again of a remaster of the PS1’s Final Fantasy Tactics.

These new rumours originated from a Reddit thread where fans were discussing prominent leaker, Midori, who’d wrongly claimed that the PS4 version of Visions of Mana (which just got a release date) had been delayed before suffering a public fallout related to their identity. In the same thread, a user pointed out that Midori was likely also wrong about a claimed Final Fantasy Tactics remaster, when veteran games journalist and highly-respected source of information, Jason Schreier, stepped in.

“Hi. The Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is real and happening,” Schreier wrote in a reply. He also added that Square Enix’s “BD3” team has been busy with many projects on top of the Tactics remaster, later clarifying that he meant CBU3, which is Final Fantasy XVI/XIV director Naoki Yoshida’s team. If accurate, that’s a pretty big deal, and could mean all sorts of things for the scope of this re-release.

Just a few days ago, a website that was able to scrape the backend of the Epic Games Store, similar to SteamDB, found a number of references to unannounced titles including one that is very obviously a Final Fantasy IX remake or remaster project. With all of the Summer Game Fest season activities done and dusted, there’s hope for an announcement at an impending Nintendo Direct, but it could also be a while before we see either project, if at all.

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Not long after these leaks came to light, Epic issued a statement to confirm that it’s since released an update to prevent third-party tools like EpicDB from continuing to unearth yet-to-be published games.

“We released an update tonight so third-party tools can’t surface any new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalog,” the company told Press Start.