EB Expo: Impressions Of FIFA 14, Infamous Second Son & Ratchet and Clank Into Nexus

Over the course of the weekend I was fortunate enough to be given access to the EB Expo.  I had the opportunity to sample some amazing up and coming titles as well as get an in depth view to a few of the games via interviews with developers and insiders of that particular game.

The expo this year stood out far above the previous two in terms of crowd, games, consoles (this gen and next gen) and things to see and do, excellent evidence that even though it is early in its life the EB Expo is getting bigger and better each year.

I will not bore you with finer details of the expo I experienced, to make it quite simple I will make a few key dot points into games I got to sample and leave you wanting more. (Don’t worry, majority of these games release before Christmas so you will not be waiting long)

Fifa 14

  • The animations and graphics a huge step up from the current gen versions. Not only this but the game not longer stutters like it so often does on the PS3 version of FIFA 14
  • AI has seen a huge improvement. One flaw that I had with FIFA 14 on the PS3 was that players were constantly caught offside and always in stupid positions. The PS4 version of Fifa 14 provided a much more realistic way of playing the game. Players were always running good lines and hardly ever offside. Collisions also felt a lot better.
  • The crowd is a HUGE improvement over any Fifa in the past. They used to look extremely dull and not realistic at all. In FIFA 14 on the PS4 they look alive!

[youtube id=”inN0Jjhzga0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Infamous Second Son

  • Throughout the day at various points of the exhibition, viewers were treated to an in-depth look at the visuals and lighting behind Infamous Second Son. Going into extensive detail about the visuals and lighting to bring Sucker Punch’s home town of Seattle to life. The power of the next generation of gaming has certainly captured this extra-ordinary amount of detail, right down to the T.
  • Following this we were treated to all the released trailers with a bit of commentary and a live play through of a segment of the game which showcases the brilliant visuals, vastness of the world and awe-inspiring powers of Delsin.
  • Infamous releases early next year and it is a game to certainly keep on your radar. For more information take a look at our interview with Ken from Sucker Punch Studios.
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[youtube id=”e0Mamaaoqhs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus

  • Finally the well-known and extremely loved formula to Ratchet and Clank is back! No tower defence, no team co-op. Just that basic formula that made R&C what it is and it is brilliant to see it back.
  • R&C is renown for its quirky and crazy gadgets and weapons, into the nexus offers no difference, given the small sample I was open to play I found an outrageously crazy weapon called the “Nightmare Box” where upon firing a frightening mechanical/skeletal jack in the box appears to draw enemies in to deal damage. One other crazy gizmo was a device that allowed you to create a gravity defying path from point to point by activating pads throughout the worlds. TIP be sure you set the flow the correct direction desired.
  • Into the Nexus looks brilliant, just as good as “A Crack in Time” if not better! Charming colour filled worlds with an amazing amount of detail in them. Into the Nexus should be an epic conclusion to the PS3 future series of Ratchet and Clank.