Preview: Destiny Beta

As a gamer I have been immensely fortunate in spending some time with Bungie’s upcoming game, Destiny.  I have invested a fair amount of my time into both the alpha and the beta versions available on the PS4

Destiny to me could only be described as a hybrid between Halo (the series where Bungie established their fame) and Borderlands. Set in a dystopian science fiction setting and incorporating open world game play that can be tackled solo or with a multitude of other players from the first person perspective. But for the sake of repetition I will refer you onto our coverage of the alpha for further in depth information.

In comparison, the beta has improved over the alpha in leaps and bounds. This was a wonderful looking game during my stint with the alpha and it has only improved with the beta. Vast and varied landscapes that capture the element of science fiction perfectly whilst not only leaving myself in awe but also the people who were present during my hands on.

The accurate and tight controls are a thrill to use (which would be expected of a company of such prestige) and it all feels even smoother as you grasp the ever-comfortable Dual Shock 4.

There are more locations and gameplay elements that gamers will get exposed too this time around in the beta; as well as some strong teases that you will be set to venture out onto the moon.

Finally, it was great that star recruit Peter Dinklage was asked to come back into the studio and put a bit more effort into his “job” after an extremely stale performance in the alpha.

This will obviously come across as a silly statement, but this couldn’t be too far from Bungie’s anticipated final product; surely there has to be an ace tucked away in Destiny’s sleeve that no rep has dared to mention yet. I think this game is going to need it to keep the element of surprise and exploration flowing.

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Unfortunately, for me personally and I feel I am in the minority in this perspective. After the substantial amount of time that I was fortunate enough to invest into Destiny in its alpha and beta stages, I just cannot completely buy into it.

The premise is genuine and original enough, massively online multiplayer in an apocalyptic science fiction setting. Players can battle it out against each other in competition and then to join teams for missions, all whilst levelling up and customising your character that make it nearly one in a million.

And please don’t get me started on the visuals; this game is an exceptionally well crafted aesthetically. Certainly they are masters of their trade. But I cannot commit to Destiny or get half excited for it.

Perhaps, the Halo element of the game is too strong, for Bungie to revisit their tried and true space setting certainly was a gamble. Maybe it is the fact that their only other real inspiration is Borderlands and the gameplay is absolutely smothered with those characteristics.

I cannot exactly pinpoint what causes my hesitation with this game but it is certainly there. Perhaps it is solely a gut feeling. Maybe it is from the sour taste the original Borderlands left in my mouth, which in all fairness is easily counteracted by the brilliance of Halo.

Perhaps I just expected something so much more from a development team of such excellent credentials. And I certainly hope that one of the above mentioned hidden “ace in the sleeve” prove me wrong.

But until then, I know my plans for Destiny’s release on the 9th of September, to wish my wonderful grandmother a happy birthday, and steer well clear of Destiny.