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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 Campaign Preview – Black Ops Is So Back

An in-depth look at the next big COD campaign.

Black Ops 6 is bringing the foundation players love from the Black Ops franchise back with some new (and old) features that will define the future of Call of Duty as a whole. Treyarch has set out to build the best Black Ops game ever made, not with gimmicks or controversy for the sake of it, but with purposeful intention at the helm of their development mindset – and so far, they’re right on the money.

We were recently flown to Los Angeles, California to visit the Treyarch studio and talk all things Black Ops 6; what’s returning and new (like the game-changing Omni Movement system), the action packed campaign, multiplayer fun and yes, even a little bit of zombies. So let’s dive into everything you need to know about the Campaign in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.


Black Ops 6 continues on from the events of Call Of Duty: Cold War, where we see a new era of Black Ops infiltrate the CIA and the Gulf War commanding the global spotlight. However, when a operation in Kuwait goes sideways with the appearance of Russell Adler, the Black Ops team are forced into operating in a way we’ve never seen before – completely rogue.

Black Ops 6 introduces players to a squad out on their own and disconnected from Uncle Sam, meaning they’ll need to do whatever it takes to get the mission done. It’s all you, baby! With the story continuing to lean into the invisible world mentality of conspiracies and things that could have easily been, the backdrop for Black Ops 6 cements itself within the period of 1991, Bill Clinton, and toys with the morality of what needs to be done.

There’s no rules, no backup and no way to know who to really trust, making for one hell of a ride of unlikely team-ups, spy action thrills and the continuation of established Black Ops lore.


Players will find themselves amongst new and familiar faces when it comes to the squad and characters in Black Ops 6. First, there’s the initial Black Ops team including our favourite veteran, Woods, the new leader, Marshall, and squad handler, Harrow, all of who players will love to see again or get to know.

However, with our team unplugged and out on their own, they’ll need to recruit the skillsets of those who may have been yesterday’s enemy. Like newcomers, Felix, and Sev, and of course not to mention the professional monster himself, Adler, all of who make up what is called the Rogue Squad. Needless to say, differences must be set aside if they are to come together to stop the greater threat known as, the Pantheon.


Black Ops 6 is very much rooted in the spy, action thriller genre having taken much inspiration from films of the like, and the Treyarch team has made sure the mission variety and player strategy options reflect as such. Missions such as Gulf War, Casino Heist, Spycraft, Saboteur, Player Agency, Mind F*#kery and Assassin, will allow players to live out their espionage, action hero, rogue tactic dreams with the ability to dive in how they see fit – head on guns blazing, stealthy and spy-like, or just total mayhem… it’s up to you. There’s a big focus on player choice and ownership to how you can play.

Alongside this, new gameplay mechanics, enemy types and equipment have all been added to really beef up the player strategy. Players will see themselves come across Black Ops 6’s advanced enemies who sling special weapons to their advantage, implement advanced tactics and may even help each other out, meaning players will need to take a more strategic approach to taking these enemies down, or when they find their standard issue AR isn’t dealing any kind of damage, to utilise some new player equipment like the homing knife or tranq trap, and even the fan-favourite RCXD returns to help take down aggressors. 

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In-between missions, players will be able to take a breath at their safe house – a place where they can learn more about their squad allies through dialogue trees, explore the mansion and any secrets it may hold, and of course, buy upgrades. But if it’s just more action that’s wanted, the Evidence Board will be the place to visit whilst here in order to load straight back into the chaos.

Overall, missions will have a ton of variety to them, either in the way the player can choose to play them or in the way the mission itself is set up. Treyarch showed us two mission types during our visit, one being Capitol Station where you could infiltrate the facility stealthily in a few different ways, such as going in undercover as part of a silent auction being held, all then culminating into a classic Black Ops ‘get out of dodge’ firefight situation. The other was Iraq –  with a much larger map and non-linear approach, unlike Capitol Station. Dropped in with the gear, gadgets, and a tac map in hand showcasing a number of different objectives to complete, players can once again choose how to tackle the mission and in whichever order that suits.

Black Ops 6 missions are definitely positioned to make players feel like they’re a part of one giant, Mission Impossible-like, badass blockbuster, so we’re keen to see more over the coming months as the game and experience develops more. 


It is evident that Treyarch has spent a lot of time in finessing every single detail of the game to make it the best of the best, and players will notice this in the high fidelity, graphical treatment of both operators and gear in Black Ops 6.

Every character in Black Ops 6 has had time spent on them to make sure their key characteristics and personality come through on the screen. We’re talking every detail, from the storytelling scars of Adlers face, every little fibre on operator clothing to players being able to see the pores and sweat on characters’ hands whilst reloading, it really sets the tone and the idea that you are getting shit done.

Guns have also been given the same treatment and care, with visual elements like wear and tear, intrinsic details like scratches and engravings, and seriously, when you see the wood-based attachments fitted to your gun – damn does it look good. It even comes through the way in which some weapons and gadgets have been constructed to evoke that DIY ‘no more Uncle Sam’ aspect of Black Ops 6 like the Spring Mine. You can’t just get government-provided claymores now that you’re rogue, so the makeshift Spring Mines you’ll see have been MacGyver’d together with zip tied explosives and whatnot.

All this care for detail extends right through to the 12 new weapons never seen before in Call of Duty, as well as new gadgets like the War Cry, Signal Lure and Spy Camera. 


All in all, the care for detail Treyarch has put into Black Ops 6’s campaign is quite evident even in the current alpha stage of development. From what we’ve seen, it definitely feels like a true Black Ops experience with a whole new way to deliver the twists and turns we’ve come to love from the franchise. With the 90s setting and continuation of the Black Ops lore, and established characters like Woods and Adler making a return, it all makes for a promising start to the next instalment of the Black Ops franchise, and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on its development as we get closer to launch.

Jake was a guest of Treyarch and Activision with travel and accommodation covered for the purpose of this preview.