Deadpool Review

[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Deadpool” developers=”High Moon Studios” publishers=”Activision” platforms=”PS3/360/PC” genres=”Third-Person Action” release_date=”Out Now” version_played=”PS3″]

Marvels “Merc with a Mouth” get his very own video game, you play his game and you play by his rules.

After some explosive convincing High Moon Studios agree to make a video game starring Deadpool. Unfortunately for the writers of the script, Deadpool is not one bit interested in following the plans laid out for him and for the small section that he did read Deadpool takes it upon himself to make his own crayon written adjustments.

According to High Moon’s script, Deadpool is tasked with the assassination of a global media tycoon, inches within achieving his mission it is thwarted by Mister Sinister and this is where the major story takes off. Deadpool now takes to hunting down Mister Sinister and complete his contract, his way. Budgets are blown, programmers threatened and Marvel Characters are slapped and felt up.

First things first, this is a very obnoxious and at times crude game. Certain people may not appreciate this approach but any fans of the comic books certainly know what they are in for. Luckily for me, this humour is perfect! Upon start up players will recognise the iconic work of Nolan North, who is again reprising his role as Deadpool and portraying all aspects of his psyche fantastically. This is easily one of the strongest aspects of this game being accompanied by a strong support cast representing members of the Marvel Universe such as various X-Men and Cable. High Moon studios knew exactly what they set out to achieve when developing this, a non-stop barrage of laughs through, testosterone fuelled, slapstick and at times witty comedy and they hit the nail on the head! I don’t think that there was a comment made by Deadpool where I did not laugh, he certainly is the “Merc with a mouth”.

Music sets the mood perfectly for our killing sprees with a solid beat of hard rock music backgrounding to your seemingly endless encounter of enemies, also some catchy theme music will have you singing along. Cut scenes pan out just as Deadpool comics would, a barrel of laughs and witty comments. Visually Deadpool is good in terms of cut scenes, various interactions and a couple of side scroll segments, however during gameplay, environments and enemies in particular are quite the opposite and aren’t anything to get too excited over.

If I had to sum up Deadpool’s game play in one word it would be repetitive. During your play through you will go through countless rooms all filled with dull, repetitive enemies. They do try to vary up the enemy types; some with different Marvel mutant abilities but at the end of the day they don’t offer a great deal to diversify gameplay. Surrounded by enemies you will have plenty of time to chain together kills maxing your combo count, only ever having to counter every now and then, they just stand there! Unfortunately development has placed the counter button the same location as the evade button and at times if you miss the prompt to evade you will end up teleporting yourself out of position, luckily enough most times where I accidentally fell victim to this I didn’t lose my combo.

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Achieving higher combos and collecting coins all accumulates into Deadpool Points for the purpose of spending for upgrades, health, bonuses and weapons. Overall the upgrades don’t offer any real advantages but the purchasable weapons do add a bit of fun, switching up Deadpool’s trademark swords for block buster hammers and his pistol for a laser gun certainly does offer a good laugh and a slight damage increase. Third person shooting works well enough, aim and shoot. There is an auto lock on if you aim close enough first time around, there is no cover to use though which isn’t really needed with Deadpool’s accelerated healing factor, this mutant advantage provided you with a feeling of security, never really feeling stressed or threatened. That is until the final level however, I played this game comfortably though until the last battles where it seems as though the difficulty shot through the roof perhaps a developer mistake but curious and a tiny bit frustrating none the less.

A couple of variations to game play are offered which help change the pace and keep game play interesting though segments of side-scrolling chapters, top view areas, a very fun rail shooter and stealth, few sections offer a stealth approach and frankly I wish there was a couple more because every stealth kill is downright hilarious! Unfortunately not enough of these are present to dismiss the mundane gameplay of general play.

If you have ever wanted to sit back and laugh for hours on end this is your game! Deadpool offers nothing but laughs for the right audience. Unfortunately a boring string of repetitive game play is what lets the hard work of High Moon Studios down. Even the incentive of bonus collectables to unlock items such as outfits or comic history would have been amazing but it wasn’t present. Taking roughly 8 hours to complete, you may want to wait for a price drop to indulge in this amazingly funny game and that is exactly what gets you though this game, hilarious antics portrayed by fabulous voice acting. Unfortunately the great humor doesn’t cancel out the gameplay.