Jak & Daxter Trilogy Review

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jak story
Jak and Daxter came to life on the PS2 in the form or 3 games. The games are considered story-based platformers, which include many puzzles and platform elements, in conjunction with avoiding enemies and other obstacles, as well as using an array of different weapons and vehicles. Set on an unnamed planet, the games follow the two protagonists, Jak and Daxter, as they try to unlock the secrets of their world, and discover the mysteries left behind by the Precursors. The series consists of many differing and unique locations both in the future world and past, which include jungles, deserts, mountainous terrains, villages and metropolitan cities.

jak presentation
Unfortunately this great series is let down by it’s presentation on the Vita. The collection ran at 60fps on the PS3 and unfortunately this is not the case here. The framerate ranges from acceptable to almost unplayable. It’s completely dependent on which game you’re playing and at what location. You will still be able to get through the games in all their glory but not without your fair share of graphical hiccups.

jak gameplay
The Jak and Daxter series is my favourite series of all time. The 3 games are so incredibly different whilst still maintaining their greatness which is an extremely hard thing to do in a video game series. Jak 1 is geared towards traditional platforming. Jak 2 (My favourite game of all time) incorporates an open world, a wide range of guns and vehicles whilst Jak 3 focuses more on exploration and vehicle use.

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The trilogy still holds up greatly to this day. The story, characters and gameplay work together across all 3 games in order to provide a gaming experience that never gets stale. Even playing all three games in a row again on the Vita still kept me entertained from start to finish.

JAK Screen
The controls on the Vita are smooth however the familiar issue arises where the back touch pad takes the place of R3 and L3. This works well but still feels clunky. In a difficult trilogy where you’re in for a lot of tense spots, controls are everything. There are a few touch based mini games which don’t add much to the gameplay but are nice to have. 1000’s of collectables and a bunch of trophies will ensure that you’ll be playing this for a long time to come.

Jak conclusion
Jak and Daxter is a trilogy that must be experienced. We’d be recommend picking it up on the Vita as it gives you cross-buy access to the PS3 version as well. Whilst the Vita version has its downfalls, its still great for gameplay on the go. We’d recommend playing majority of the trilogy on the PS3 though. The port is extremely good and makes the games play smoother than ever.

Jak Conclusionnnn