Review: Plantronics RIG Gaming Headset

The Plantronics RIG is an extremely simple pair of headphones design wise. At first glance they might look a tad uncomfortable but this simply isn’t the case. They fit on the head nicely and don’t feel as bulky as they look. There is a nice amount of bradding around the headland. The band is not collapsible and they ear cups turn for flat storage.

There aren’t any controls on the headphones. The only physical port on the headphones are those for connecting either two of the headset cables. One of these ports can be used with the boom mic for use with your game system or PC. The other port is reserved for your cable that is designed to go into a smartphone.

Rig Screen 1
The main aspect of this product is the mixer. It’s quite small for its functionality. It acts as a hub for your head set, game console or computer and then your smartphone. Both cables run out of the port to connect to your device. There is a bunch of measures in place in order to make sure that all of these cords don’t get tangled but in fact they most likely will.

On the front of the mixer you have all of your controls. The dial handles all of this. The left side controls how much mobile audio you’re getting whilst the right side controls the game chat. Your game sound is controlled on an outer right. Whilst this sounds really complicated, it’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. It’s really amazing just how much control this little device gives you.

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RIG The Sound
The RIG really impressed us with just how good the sound is. It’s incredibly clear but don’t expect surround sound like audio as it only features stereo drivers. The headset also features a removable mic which means that it can be used as a basic pair of music headphones. Whilst testing in this way, it was clear to us that the headphones can reproduce deep bass quite well. It wasn’t amazing but it was acceptable for the price.

RIG Screen 2The RIG also works well when gaming. You’re provided with a decent amount of options which is what you’d expect from such a complex device. We just weren’t sure how feasible these were as a device unless you really needed that mobile chat function. They’re a great set of headphones for the price though.

RIG Setting Up
The setup for the Plantronics RIG is quit simple. You plug the 3.5MM cable directly fem your computer through usb OR the included 3.5m RCA passthrough to your game system. The good thing about these headphones is that it never needs to download any driver (even for PC). Once you get used to the mixer then you’re just about good to go.

RIG conclusion
The Plantronics RIG is a decent set of headphones for the price. We’d only really recommend them to someone who is going to get great use out of the mobile phone feature. Whilst it appears at first glance that the device is extremely hard to setup, we didn’t find this to be the case. We were slightly annoyed but the amount of cables that we had to have connected when using them though.