Review: Call Of Duty Ghosts (Next-Gen)

COD Info
cod story
Set 10 years after an Odin strike called on America by the Federation that has the left the country in ruins and with the impending invasion, we follow two soldiers on a mission to save the country. These soldiers must overcome great loss and work together with the Ghosts. The Ghosts are the last force that America has at its disposal, using technologically advanced weaponry and tactics to fight back. Ghosts is the 10th Call of Duty sequel that’s been brought out. Infinity Ward and Raven studios developed it, and this is the biggest COD ever. With the biggest multiplayer rebuild in the series, this has been one highly anticipated release for a lot of people.

cod presentation
Call OF Duty Ghosts looked absolutely phenomenal on current-gen consoles. I’m happy to tell you that it’s even better on the PS4. Lighting is greatly improved and textures in full 1080p look incredible. It still seems to sit at an almost solid 60FPS which is obviously important the core franchise. I definitely don’t feel like the graphical upgrade is enough to re-buy the game for full price if you’ve already played it.

COD Screen1
Even whilst online, the game still runs smoothly minus a few instances of lag that I’ve experienced and while I was a little let down they didn’t try and go with a new engine, this is the best sounding COD game I’ve ever played. With the new reactive sound emitters, the team has been able to make the most realistic sounding game possible. Especially if you’re running your sound through a surround sound system or even a pair of decent gaming headphones, it’s so easy to dive right in and feel like you’re part of the action. It’s the little things they’ve added that make the game better for me, like how online the other characters will yell out where enemy players are and where to go.

cod gameplay
For me, I feel games like Call of Duty set the bar when it comes to the first person shooter. While some people have their picks for which COD is the best, I think that this one is up there. As per the standard, Ghosts is spot on with the gameplay. The story itself is on par with most big budget action flicks these days. With a great storyline and some fairly believable characters, my only problem would be that it feels somewhat short. I managed to finish it spaced out over two nights, but it was worth it. The controls are the same as always, which makes jumping straight into the action all that much easier.

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Ghosts also brings the knee slide into gameplay. Treyarch does the dolphin dive and now you can slide while running into cover into a crouching position. It does take some getting used to, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be pulling off trick shots and executing some aggressive tactics with it.?But when you think Call of Duty, most people think of the multiplayer. When Ghosts was announced Infinity Ward said that multiplayer was getting a huge overhaul and they’ve done just that. From new game modes such as Blitz and Cranked, to the way you equip perks, it’s all different.

COD Screen2
Ghosts has some of the greatest maps I’ve played and they all look incredible. Each map seems huge in its own right, but they all have their areas that you can turn into a vital choke point. They do take some getting used to but I feel they’re great. Infinity Ward have even added dynamic events into gameplay, each being triggered in different ways. When you play on some of the new game modes that have been added, the action is very consistent. Cranked, Search & Rescue, Blitz and the all new squads mode. While it looks great, that same high quality sound from the main game is found online. Knowing that every lifelike explosion, gun shot, bullet whiz is from another player, it ramps up the tension tenfold.

But one of the biggest changes for online would have to be the character customisation. For years gamers have wanted to make their own soldier and now they can, even having the choice of playing as a female avatar for the very first time in the series.?Extinction mode is probably my favourite bit about Ghosts. Similar to BO2 zombies in the sense it’s a wave based game, the action builds up much quicker and gets harder in a much more progressive way. Moving your way through an alien infested town to set off a nuke then run back to the evac, I’ve only been able to make it back just once with a group of mates. The different breeds of aliens, the somewhat strange attachment system, even levelling up, it’s just a lot of fun you can have with mates.