Review: Peggle 2

Pebble Info
Peggle Story
Peggle 2 hit Xbox Live on the Xbox One soon after launch, giving the console a much-needed injection of the quirky over the top Pachinko inspired gameplay the original was known for. Peggle 2 is light on narrative, however, each of the 5 Peggle Masters have a valuable message for you. Clear Pegs. Yes it is that simple, or is it?

Peggle Presentation
Peggle 2 as a package, has been meticulously put together and takes every opportunity to assault you with a visual and audio feast. Each Peggle Master has a particular theme which is represented by various backdrops, these backdrops are simple at best and initially leaves you feeling underwhelmed. Any disappointment is soon forgotten once you realise your highly detailed Peggle Master is reacting to your various shots and providing humorous gestures to the chaos that you are causing.

Peggle Screen 1
The excitement really steps up as soon as you do anything remotely worth rewarding. The audio crescendos, rainbows explode and lights flash. All of this is in glorious HD and you quickly realise that you have been hypnotised into an enchanting world of peg clearing. The menus are handled with simplicity and elegance, the game never forces you to have to wade through many options before getting to the good stuff.

Peggle Gameplay
Armed with your Xbox One gamepad and virtual balls, you only need to do one thing, clear pegs. Peggle is a western take on Pachinko, the popular Japanese game. You fire balls out of your cannon from the top of the screen and clear the pegs which appear on the board below. You are not alone in your exploits, you will have one of five Peggle Masters who will be by your side providing you with hints and special powers when you clear a green peg. Each Peggle Master represents a themed “world” which consists of 10 levels, there is an additional world once you clear the game where you may choose your favourite Peggle Master to assist you. In addition to the standard levels, there are also 10 challenges per world. It really is a case of the more you play the more you realise how much value is packed into this Xbox Live title.

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Peggle Screen 2
As brilliant as Peggle 2 is, it is not perfect. As mentioned the game loves to reward you at every turn with big sounds and bright lights. Part of your reward is activating the Xbox One’s DVR and saving replays of your shots. At first this might not sound like a bad thing but in some rounds the game can create 15 or more videos. Later down the line the Xbox One hard drive space will be a precious commodity and this sort of issue will be problematic. At the moment the issue is frustrating and is disappointing in an otherwise fantastic game. Another thing to keep in mind, Peggle 2 is addictive. If you are going to play this game just remember to feed your cat, dog and yourself.