Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Stand Review – Forever Charged

One of the main worries prior to the Nintendo Switch releasing was the fact that the Joy-Con Grip included with the console would not charge the Joy-Con. This was alleviated by the fact that the Nintendo Switch tablet kept the Joy-Con charged at given time, even when out of the dock. It’s also a non-issue due to the fact that the Joy-Con can retain charge for 15+ hours.

Well, if you’ve ran into the issue of your Joy-Con losing charge, or looking for a way to charge that second pair of Joy-Con, then there’s no better solution than the PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Stand.

Honestly, I’m always a little sceptical when using third-party accessories, but I’m really impressed with the quality of this product. You’d be fooled into believing that it is a Nintendo-made product. The weight of the product out of the box is really sturdy.


The product works exactly how you’d expect. You can slide in anywhere between 1-4 Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and you’ll get a red light if they’re charging and a green light once it’s fully charged.

Pulling the Joy-Con in and out of the dock is incredibly seamless. There’s no Nintendo Switch “click” which you’ll be more than used to hearing.

Arguably the best thing about the Joy-Con Charging Station is the fact that it plugs straight into one of the Nintendo Switch USB ports, and continues to charge even when the tablet isn’t in the actual dock. There’s also a wind up USB cord in the bottom which means you won’t have any access cord showing in your entertainment unit.


In the future, I can see the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Station being really useful. As games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Arms are released and your collection of Joy-Con grows, you’ll need somewhere to reliably charge your Joy-Con. There’s currently no better option than this product.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Stand is available on April 12th for $49.95