Get A Cheap GT Sport DualShock 4 When You Buy The Game

GT Sport comes out tomorrow and alongside it, a GT Sport PS4 bundle and Limited Edition DualShock 4 are coming too. We’ve got the bargain guide for the game right here. 

Well, it looks like almost all Australian retailers are doing a deal on the DualShock 4. It’s honestly worth looking into as you can never have too many DualShock 4 controllers and it’s actually quite nice looking.

EB Games for instance are selling it for half price ($49.95) when you buy a copy of GT sport. You might be paying a little more for the game upfront but this is the cheapest offer for the actual controller. You might even get lucky and get the store to price match. 

Big W are selling the game for $69 and are allowing you to buy the controller for $60 when you purchase the game.

Target are making it a lot more simple. You’ll be able to get the GT Sport Dual Shock bundle which includes both the game and the controller for $129. This actually works out to be the same as Big W.