Australia’s First Amazon Prime Day Is Happening Today And Promises Great Gaming Deals

Amazon launched just over 6 months ago, and it’s been fairly lacklustre in terms of a day to day shopping experience (for those that want cheap items). 

There’s been some good bargains out of the blue (like on boxing day and for specific releases), but as far as widespread larger shopping events go, we haven’t seen much of that so far.

That’s all set to change with Amazon Prime day, which is happening around the world, but for the first time in Australia today.


Amazon Prime Day starts at 12:00pm AEST on Monday, the 16th of July. Yep, that’s today.


It’s pretty simple, you just need to be an Amazon Prime member. If you haven’t tried it so far, you get 30 days for free, otherwise it’s $4.99 a month to join.

There will be deals appearing all over the place, otherwise you can head here for the Amazon Prime Day landing page at 12pm. 

It’s expected that deals will be appearing all over the place at different times for the remainder of the day, so truthfully, they could appear anywhere.


Quite frankly, we don’t know exactly what the deals will be, but Amazon’s Boxing Day event gave us better gaming deals than we’ve seen in the last 12 months, so I highly doubt that Amazon will be building this up if they’re not planning on giving us some mighty deals.

They’re promising:

  • Deals on video game consoles and games such as God of War, Far Cry 5 Call Of Duty WWII
  • Discounts on headphones from Sony and Bose as well as speakers from Sonos
  • Lightning Deals which are limited time only

Right now, you can already access the following deals:

  • $10 Amazon credit for your first stream of Prime Video
  • Get 2 months free for over 1 million kindleunlimited books
  • 3 months of free Prime Audible
  • 4 months for $.99c of Amazon Music
  • Free games with Twitch Prime