Amazon Prime And Twitch Prime Have Hit Australia And It’s Pretty Well Priced

The much anticipated launch of Amazon Prime (as well as Twitch Prime) have finally hit Australia. Here’s everything you need to know. You can subscribe to Amazon Prime right HERE.


Right now, Amazon is offering a 30 day trial, which is basically to ensure that people realise all the benefits that they’re getting from Amazon Prime.

To put it simply, it’s going to cost $4.99 per month until January 31st. This works out to just under $60 a year. From January 2019, you’re looking at $6.99 per month which is $85 per year. You’l l


The benefits are actually quite good, especially with Amazon Australia’s recent pricing which has been much better than other retailers.

  • Free delivery: Amazon will offer Prime members delivery within two business says to roughly 90 percent of Australians. Considering Amazon charges about $5 for delivery, if you’re ordering one thing a month, there’s your Prime membership sorted.
  • Release Date Delivery: This is a massive one in the States. For the most part, Amazon is confident that you can pre-order a product and have it arrive on release date. This is pretty important for games. Whilst EB Games and the like have gotten pretty good at getting stuff out for release day, it’s never guaranteed and doesn’t happen a whole lot.
  • Cheaper Priority Delivery: Amazon hasn’t really detailed this one yet, but it’s looking like they’ll do cheaper express shipping. This one isn’t super useful if you’re doing release date delivery.
  • Amazon Prime Video: You’ll get access to Amazon’s streaming service, which is obviously a nice to have but nowhere near the US offering.
  • Prime Deals: As we’ve seen Amazon is pretty good at their flash deals, which have already given us some of the best gaming deals in Australia. We’ll apparently get even better deals for Prime members.
  • Free Twitch Prime: A big one for gamers. You’ll get free access to video games each month as well as free in-game items such as Fortnite and Call Of Duty. You’ll also get to subscribe to a Twitch channel for free every 30 days.