The Epic Store’s Holiday Sale Includes 15 Free Games And Unlimited $15 Vouchers

The Epic Store is holding a holiday sale event that can only be described as… epic.

On top of discounting a huge range of titles up to 75% off, the store is also doing giveaways and handing out an unlimited number of AUD $15 off vouchers.

Starting with Shenmue III available right now for free, the EGS will give away a mystery game each day during the sale, which will only be available for one day each. The final game, as reported by VGC, will apparently be available for a full week.

More exciting than that though, the Epic Games Store is also giving out limitless AUD $15 vouchers with eligible game purchases that are, frankly, almost too good to be true.

Every current EGS user should already have one voucher applied to their account to use on their next purchase during the sale, and this voucher will apply to every game added to checkout that’s over AUD $22.99. So if you add five games to your cart, you’ll get AUD $15 off of each one. On top of that, as long as at least one of the games in any purchase is eligible for the discount you’ll be given another voucher to use in the next cart. It’s madness. You can even filter games by a minimum cost of $22.99 in the EGS app!

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Just look at this as an example:

Check out the sale and all the details on the free games and vouchers here.

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