Tempo Storm Signs Australian Overwatch Team ‘Untitled Spreadsheet’

Multi-game organisation Tempo Storm have announced the acquisition of Australian Overwatch squad ‘Untitled Spreadsheet’. The team will be now be known as Tempo Storm AUS as it was confirmed that they will be one of two Overwatch teams that will be competing under the Tempo Storm banner.

Tempo Storm AUS consists of:
James ‘Yuki’ Stanton (DPS, Captain)
Jordan ‘GNB’ Graham (Flex, Co-Captain)
Sam ‘Refz’ Rogers (Support)
Kyall ‘Mosh’ Margitich (Tank)
Brett ‘tjk’ Bell (DPS)
Andra ‘LUSH’ Ricardo (Support)
Philip ‘Redact’ Pretty (Substitute, Coach, Manager)

The roster has noteworthy competitive gaming experience with the captain, James ‘Yuki’ Stanton having previously competed at local and international LAN events as a stalwart part of Team Immunity’s Team Fortress 2 lineup. The rest of the team’s gaming résumé shows the roster having been top tier competitors before playing Blizzard’s colourful team based shooter with achievements in an expected array of FPS titles, as well as a number of Blizzard titles — a trend for the Tempo Storm organisation which was founded by Hearthstone competitor and personality, Andrey ‘Reynad’ Yanyuk.

In the announcement post, coach Redact responds to the signing warmly, “This signing is a huge chance for not just our team, but Australian esports in general. Tempo Storm is the premiere Blizzard esports organisation, so the chance to represent them in Blizzard’s next big title is something we never thought was possible at first, but we’ve managed to reach this spot. We want to show that Australia can not only keep up with the rest of the world but beat the rest of the world and make the Tempo Storm name proud.”

Currently, the five of the Tempo Storm AUS players as well as eleven other players from Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) are campaigning for votes to participate in the BlizzCon 2016 Overwatch World Cup as a part of the ANZ ‘national’ team.

Building up to this international exhibition tournament fans are encouraged to use their Battle.net accounts to vote for four players who will go on to form national teams, some of which will have to battle via online qualifiers against others from their region. The ANZ team along with South Korea and China will automatically qualify, leaving nine teams to fight for the remaining the three slots for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Fans can vote here.

All the qualifying teams will eventually head to BlizzCon in November to compete against other national teams at Anaheim Convention Center, California over the two-day event. After the voting closes, Blizzard will elect a team captain and round out the remaining player slots. Each of the six-player national teams will be revealed on August 29.