SMITE’s Oceania Pro League’s Top Teams Play For $25K This Weekend

Only four teams are left playing for the SMITE Oceania Pro League (OPL) Split 2 crown, as well as the lion’s share of a $25,000 prize pool at the Oceania Esports Masters event this weekend. Starting on Saturday, Sydney’s Australia Technology Park will be acting as the battlegrounds for the finale of a ten-week league where we will see who will come out victorious between Legacy Esports, Incite, Team Pandamonium and Avant Garde.

The action begins tomorrow with two semi-finals, the first being between the dominate first seed, Legacy Esports, when they clash with fourth seed, Avant Garde. Legacy is undoubtedly the favoured team, due to their impressive 8-1-1 record*, which earned them the number one spot. Avant Garde as the lowest seed has to fight an uphill battle since they have yet to find a convincing win against teams above them — other than their then one tied-up set against Incite during the regular season.

Following that matchup is a more contentious matchup of the second and third seeded teams, Incite and Team Pandamonium respectively. Incite is known for their well-crafted draft phase and more cerebral approach to the game. Pandamonium, the defending champions of the OPL, on the other hand, will be relying on their late-game tactics and map movements to outwit their opponents.

The semi-final matchups will be best of three sets and will be played tomorrow on Saturday, August 20, beginning from 9 AM. Two teams will then move onto the grand final stage and will be playing on Sunday, August 21, from 10:30 AM.

You can watch the SMITE Oceania Esports Masters event on the live official stream, But if you are in Sydney over the weekend, you’re in luck — the event is free for spectators! Australia Technology Park is approximately five minutes from the CBD and the event will be viewable in the theatre room 6b.

Good luck to the competitors!

*Wins-Ties-Losses, in the ten-week regular split where best of two’s are played