Wowser! Amazeballs! Life Is Strange Is Getting A Prequel

Life Is Strange was a runaway success for Square Enix so it’s no surprise to see that a sequel has been fast-tracked into development. Microsoft today showed a trailer for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm.

In the footage, we see a rather broody Chloe and Max smoking cigarettes while also attending rock concerts and getting involved with undesirables in a small town. Sounds like a Life Is Strange game, right?

The trailer more or less confirms that Life Is Strange is a prequel of sorts and will detail the relationship between Chloe, Max and Rachel.

The game is not a follow-up to Life Is Strange developed by the original creators, DONTNOD, but instead made by Deck Nine Games, another company. Given the trailer’s tone and theme, we think they’ve nailed the same feel regardless.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm will presumably release for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. There are three episodes and the first will be released in August.

Microsoft today confirmed at their E3 2017 Press Conference that the Xbox One version will feature enhancements for Xbox One X as well.