The Avengers Game Has Been Properly Revealed And Has A Release Date

The long-awaited Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal finally has a proper trailer showing Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and Black Widow in action. And golly gosh, doesn’t it look incredible.

Each character seemingly is playable and all the footage shown is apparently in engine. It’s a cinematic, character-driven campaign spanning multiple years.

It also supports up to 4-player online cooperative play. There’s no random loot boxes or pay-to-win scenarios.

As far as the voice cast, Nolan North is recognisably the voice of Iron Man. Troy Baker is playing Bruce Banner, Jeff Shine voicing Captain America, Travis Willingham brings to life Thor and Laura Bailey is, of course, playing Black Widow. It’s a star-studded lineup.

It’s coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC May 15th 2020, but they’ve partnered with PlayStation for early beta access and “unique benefits” still to be revealed.

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