Opinion: Having A Riot At The League Of Legends Regional Qualifiers

As the dust settled on the rift we take a look back at the oceanic regional qualifiers for League of Legends held at Supanova. Two days of extreme competition left the fans in awe as team Immunity and nV duked it out in the finals. With amazing plays and perseverance, Team Immunity took the win and became the regional winners. Who was the MVP? Well the players were fantastic but the real MVPs of the event were the Riot OCE staff. 19 out of 20 staff were at the event showing their love and support for the game and the community. Giving out free merchandise and talking to any willing fan that would give them time. They set up a giant stage for everyone to watch the event and they brought in Shout casters, PCs, and even prizes for the winners. They spared no expense when it came to showing the community a good time. I had a chance to talk to a few of the staff members who were at the event and they were a delight to talk to. Almost begging you to approach them and talk to them.

I asked the staff the questions you wanted to know. How do you get a job at Riot? With some experience in the area and passion you just need to apply and they will take care of the rest. When’s the next event? Winter split is just around the corner they are hoping to have an event for it. Is OCE going to have an LCS? That is part of the plan. The OCE Riot office has a five year plan. They want to grow to double the size, increase player and community support, and finally have it big enough to allow for an LCS.

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The staff at Riot were the greatest part of the event. They were giving you tips on how to play different champions, talking to you about their experience, and generally showing their passion for the game and it’s fans. After the professional games were completed they hosted some community events. If you were lucky, you got chosen from the crowd and played a game with the staff at Riot. U.R.F. was the main showcase and Benji showed off his Jayce in style. This showed me that all the staff are big fans too. The fans loved the event and were talking about it for days after (at least I was). The community events helped break the difference between fans and the company but Riot did this successfully in the sense that fans felt as though them playing the game was enough for Riot to love them.

The event was fantastic and I can’t wait for the next one. I’ll be there again chanting my favourite team and listening to the crowd go wild. We know the Riot staff love every minute of it.