Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter – What it could really mean for Nintendo?

Nintendo’s Smash Bros Wii U is set to launch later this year; as most gamers already know. It has been a strong staple part of the Nintendo diet since its original inception for the Nintendo 64, appearing in countless fighting game tournaments and setteling even more sibling feuds. Unfortunately no solid release date has been revealed for this game apart from a vague Q42014 estimate (time is running out Nintendo!).

What has been announced, aside from the NFC technology that Nintendo are introducing with their cross game and platform data transfers known as Amiibos; is a Gamecube controller adapter for the Wii U.


The idea is simple, it is a small box probably about the size of a pack of cards (using my tradesman eye for scaling 😉 ). It accepts 4 typical Nintendo Gamecube controllers and then two male USB’s extend from the opposite end of the small box to plug into your Wii U console. Brilliant right? You can plug the four controllers in and go to town on Smash Bros when it releases. As an added bonus you can even use the original Gamecube controllers from all that time ago (12 years) – although if you missed out on that generation (like I did) or traded up, game retailers are offering completely new Gamecube controllers when Smash Bros is released. There is even the Smash Bros logo front and center on the new controllers, which brings me to the purpose of the article.

Surely these controllers cannot be reappearing purely for Smash Bros, yes they have the logo but doesn’t mean a thing really. If the Gamecube controller is really that essential to the ecosystem of Nintendo; having been adopted like it has for the Wii U in a similar fashion for the original Wii, why not integrate it with some of the existing Wii U library and upcoming games. It is basically a brother of the Wii U Pro Controller which is accessible to most games – the difference in controllers boils down to a couple of buttons and player preference; Mario Kart 8, Wind Waker HD and New Super Mario Bros U just to name a few. These games are all set to go just requiring a small update patch and we are ready to rock.

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So why not extend the nostalgic or even more comfortable feeling of using a beloved input device on more games? Nintendo is renown for its integrity of supporting its old consoles, its downloadable program that is the “Virtual Console” means that games as far back as the original Nintendo are available for purchase and play. Why not include Gamecube controller support for those games, OR and I emphaise OR why not use the input to welcome in the two systems that are yet to be introduced for the Virtual Console. The Nintendo 64 and The Nintendo Gamecube; no doubt being able to play these games with their original controller would resonate with some older gamers at the luxury of only having to connect their Wii U to a controller and the internet.


Who knows the above method may even increase sales for the unjustly struggling console. And at the very least it might make Twilight Princess more accessible – Three times since it released I have tried to get into that game but the excessive arm flailing of the Wii has thrown me off time and time again, bring it to the Gamecube Virtual C  onsole already!

None the less the Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter and controllers will release along side Super Smash Bros U sometime this year. Keep it here on Press-Start as we bring you everything Smash Bros and Nintendo!