A Day at the Sony PS4 Playfest


Recently, I had the chance to attend Playfest, an event hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. Since I only came aboard about a month ago, this was the first media briefing I’ve attended, so I was really unsure what to expect. I had been told the event would feature a presentation by Sony’s managing director, Michael Ephraim, and the opportunity to play several upcoming PlayStation 4 titles.

What wasn’t made immediately clear, though, was the fact that it was held at a house, with screens and consoles set up everywhere. On display were games such as FIFA 15, Bloodborne, Until Dawn and The Order: 1886. While I have already gone hands on with those games previously, I still took the opportunity to try them again. They certainly did not disappoint, and allowed me to explore the games further and do things I hadn’t yet tried before.

In the main hallway, FIFA was used to demonstrate the recently released Share Play feature. You’ve gotta admit, it’s awesome when you can let your friend watch you play on their own screen, or even let them play with you! I found it to be flawless, save for the fact that the Sony rep was beating me throughout the entire demo.

But anyway, the main part of the event was Michael Ephraim’s presentation. Perhaps one of the most important points brought up was that the PS4 had become the fastest selling console in Australia. He also took some time to reflect on the journey over the past twenty years (I’m as old as the franchise!), and how he hoped for it to expand in the years to come. For example, Ephraim highlighted a focus on building on their online entertainment services, with the introduction of streaming apps like Plus7.

Something else that was brought up was how Sony was looking closely at its past, and aiming to reimagine classics for the current generation. With that, I certainly look forward to seeing what comes out of it. Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, anyone?

All in all, it was quite a fun experience. Coming out of it, I’ve certainly added a few more items to my Christmas wish list. Probably a PlayStation 4, to start with…


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