Opinion: What’s Next For Playstation Camera (PT2)

continuing the conversation from my last article lets discuss the type of games that would be available to gamers if the Playstation Camera and Project Morpheus take off. Games that have already been demonstrated include The Deep, War Thunder or Battlefield but the game that has me wholeheartedly invested in is Among The Sleep, a survival horror game played from a toddlers perspective. His imagination generates environments that are troubling him in his real life such as his mother’s abusive nature, her alcoholism and separation from his father. It is already out on PC but I cannot wait to experience this in full with Project Morpheus). So, there are some solid indications that may entice the hardcore or more avid gamers.

What is there that may lure the more casual gamers in? I believe that that part of the sector will love the experiences, which are interactions or situations that can be had in real life. Project Morpheus could bring that to you on an all new interactive level. Everyone has all seen those “Go-Pro” videos of people surfing, skating, paragliding, base jumping, you name it a Go-Pro has done it. Project Morpheus could bring those experiences to you and more importantly and directly, casual gamers.

These experiences or games would be the ones easy to pick up, put down and doesn’t matter if you don’t play for extended periods of time. Imagine the experience of surfing the iconic wave that is Jaws, for those who cannot make it to Hawaii or even those of us who cannot make it to the beach as often as they like. Imagine talking a walk through a lush rain forest or even walking the streets of Paris. Morpheus combined with the right developers could do that. You name it, it could be done. It would take the danger, the travel and basically all the expenses out of it creating a safe, wondrous world for people to experience in the confines of their living room. Granted it isn’t real but it could be the next best thing.

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That is all going without adding the brilliant aspect that this would provide disadvantaged (disabilities or socioeconomic) people an opportunity for these experiences that may other wise hinder them. Not to mention the training benefits this could offer people, flight simulators, driving instructors and countless other options. For any situation you could just let your imagination run wild.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if older games got a look in at virtual reality. Papers, Please would be an ideal candidate; using the Morpheus to assess a immigrant up and down as you figure out their circumstances, determining if their need to enter your country is genuine or not. This was just one of the many examples that was covered.

The future is certainly looking bright, particularly for the giant step into virtual reality gaming and there is a massive following of it to see where that step takes us. As my friend and I discovered during our conversation.

Are you looking forward to virtual gaming? No matter whether it be Oculus Rift or PS4’s Project Morpheus. Keep the conversation going in the comments below and let us know where you stand on this giant step into gaming’s future.